Monday, May 29, 2017

We all scream for icecream!

Happy first day of summer! I know it's not... however, this is the word the Lord spoke to me this morning. 
And that word caused me to remember something that happened to me in church yesterday. I kept seeing this vision of ice cream. I had no clue what it meant but every time I saw it, it made me want to giggle out loud. I had to hold it in because it was so intense this desire to just laugh every time I saw ice cream! 🍦
So today I looked up what the spiritual meaning of ice cream could be....and this is what it is...
Joy, Happiness, Fun! 
(This whole blog was started on a promise that God gave me about great happiness coming into my life in a season that looked like anything but!)
And if that wasn't enough... I went to put this word into a very special journal that I only write about my happiest moments. 

And this is what was on the page... 

You know you just can't make this stuff up! When you have this intimate relationship with God He will amaze you!  He truly is the lover of our soul! 

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