Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Hedge of Beauty

I always thought of being hedged in as a bad a thorny ugly thing for people who are in rebellion or need to be corrected. But recently on a walk God showed me how far from the truth that can be.  
I'm quite adventurous on a hike.  I'm not a girl afraid of bugs, snakes or critters of any kind. I'm not afraid to get dirty or break a nail. I clean up well and nails grow back.  So this one day in particular as I was exploring I found myself completely hedged in. However, as I turned around to look at everything that hedged me in all I saw was beauty.  Vines and trees in full bloom. Life all around me.  As I turned and took this all in the Lord started to speak to my heart. "Anna not every hedge is bad. My hedge around a life is beautiful and meant to bring protection and a time of wonderful intimacy.  Don't try so hard to get out of My hedge... enjoy this time with me for I am accomplishing something in you.".  

When I came home from that walk my devotional calendar was such confirmation. 
Here it is. 

I have build a hedge

Has not thou made an hedge about him? 
Job 1:19

I have build a hedge about you, even as was written concerning Job. I am keeping you,  My child and for one purpose in particular... that you be able to accomplish the task committed to you, therefore give diligence to your mission. 

Lord I pray right now for anyone reading this blog post that may feel hedged in by life. That You open their eyes to the beauty around them. And even more so Lord that they see the bigger picture, that You are accomplishing something great in them. And that You may be glorified when it is revealed.

In Jesus beautiful name amen!    

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