Thursday, April 27, 2017

He goes before me

God knows I'm a visual girl. Not that I have to see to believe. However He often uses something visual as life lessons for me. So today's lesson was a simple, but comforting one. I was on a 12 mile hike with my son-in-love, as I affectionately call him. And as we walked this unfamiliar terrain he went ahead of me picking up branches, large stones or anything that might be a hindrance, throwing them off to the side to clear the path for me. I realized that if I just followed him he was leading me well. So I stayed in step with that and just enjoyed the trail. 
Then God started talking to my heart. 
He said "Anna this is how I go before you in life... as you walk and spend time with me, fellowshipping with me, I'm going before you and making your way straight.  I'm lovingly getting everything out of the way that may hinder you or cause you to stumble. Just enjoy life and trust me. I got this!" -Jesus

As we came to the end of our hike I received this timely text message of the scripture below from a dear friend. I love when God confirms our heart talks so clearly.

"Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you." 
Proverbs 4:25 

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