Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Repo Man

He redeems my soul....

Recently I was doing a study on the word redeem. And I found one of the definitions is repossess. I like to look up different words in a scripture because it can give you a deeper personal meaning. 
And for me that word repossess did just that. 
When I was in my wild girl days, before Jesus that is.
I had a first date with a guy who was a detective. Which happened to be I rode along with him down to Jersey shore to repossess a car. 
(I know like every girls dream date. lol)
God used that silly memory to speak this to my heart about the word repossess. 
He said, "Why does a person get a car repossessed"?  My answer was, "because they didn't pay for it". He said "exactly!". That's why I have the right to go to repossess your soul...(your mind,will & emotions) when the enemy tries to keep possession of them, because he didn't pay the debt I did!  Jesus wowed me with that one and I can't tell you how many times a day I cry out "God repossess my soul!" 
And he always does. In the natural I saw how hard that detective worked to get possession back of that car. Which now gives me a clearer picture of how relentless God is to repossess our soul.  
Because He's the best repo man out there!

He has redeemed my soul in peace 
from the battle that was against me...Psalm 55:18

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